Friday, April 4, 2014

There's No Place Like Home

Hello! Happy Friday! Hope you're well on your way to the weekend! I sure am!

Tonight's polish comes with a story. When I was a growing up, I would often come home from school to find my younger sister and my mom, watching the Wizard of Oz. My mom was always taking care of mending or other chores that could be completed while she kept an eye on my then 3-year old sister, who was parked in front of the TV with one of her dolls, looking up in amazement at the colorful world that unfolded before her. The Wizard of Oz will always be one of those parts of my childhood that I'll keep with me.
How does this relate to nail polish? Tonight, I have the nail polish incarnation of Dorothy's Ruby Slippers.

Zoya Chyna was released as part of the first, six-polish collection of Pixie Dusts. These were Zoya's answer to OPI's Liquid Sand polishes.

This is two coats of Chyna over Orly Bonder. It built up very nicely to an opaque finish, similar to fine ground ruby dust. The red is so rich that I felt like I had jewels on my nails. The red glitter adds an eye-catching sparkle when the sun (or any light) hits your nails just right.

I just love how this macro shot turned out!

Before I took this polish off, I wanted to see what would happen if I top-coated it, and BAM! The next time I'm wearing this, I am top-coating it within an inch of its life. The glitters just come alive.

Chyna is available at and retails for $10.

What do you think? Gorgeous? Or not for you?

Oh, and don't forget!

xo, ali

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